5 thoughts on “Spinning Silhouette Illusion

  1. This is MY theory:

    It’s just a shadow. You can’t really tell if the image is facing forward or backward, but since we are used to people looking at us, our first impression is that the dancer is looking at us. The dancer’s leg is moving left, stops, right, stops etc. If on the split-second your eyes saw the image, the dancer’s leg was moving left – you would think that she was spinning clockwise. If it was moving right – you would think that she was spinning counter-clockwise. From that point, your brain had already decided which direction the dancer was spinning and it would be very difficult to change your mind without looking away. It is NOT about whether you are logic or artistic, but the exact split-second your eyes first saw the image.

    How’s my theory?

  2. I don’t know how anybody think thats going counter-clockwise, its going clockwise..

  3. I always saw it as counter-clockwise, no matter if I went away then came back, until I scrolled the pic up a little bit and looked just at her legs. Tried to see the clockwise then slowly scrolled back up, worked!

  4. I figured out a way to interchange between clockwise and counter clockwise. First, focus only the feet which is rotating and forget about the entire body. If you cant do this, try doing this by covering the body with your hand keeping the feet visible. As the feet is crossing the other leg in the center, try hard to imagine it is moving from behind the leg as the feet goes from left to right. Ull see it rotating one way. Instead, if you imagine the feet crossing the leg from behind, but when it is moving from right to left instead, Ull see it rotating the other way.

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