Recursive Tom Selleck

This is probably more appreciated by the older folks, just because you young folks probably have no idea who Tom Selleck is.

If you disagree, write a comment. :)

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Are You Drunk?

Have you had too much to drink? Gin and tonic? Beer? Wine? Long island iced tea? Goldschlager’s? A margarita? A straberry daquiri? A midori sour? A Kahlua? Maybe a martini?

(Drunk yet?)

How about now?


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Spinning Silhouette Illusion

At first glance, the silhouette is spinning clockwise. However, keep looking — you can reverse the spinning.

Spinning Silhouette Illusion

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True or False?

True or False

What do you see at first glance?

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Rotrays Illusion

Rotrays Illusion

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