33 thoughts on “Toilet Usage Instructions

  1. niiiiiiice.

    my friend nick does that last one. the “leg-up” method.


    we’re getting help for him.

  2. Maybe it’s not barfing… maybe he’s making a withdrawal instead of a deposit, if you know what I mean….

  3. You’re an ass for not allowing hotlinking.

    And you’re also an ass for trying to keep people from saving a copy of the image for themselves.

    Thankfully I am smarter than your attempted copy prevention.


  4. You’re an ass for wanting to steal my bandwidth. Obviously I prevented hotlinking for a reason. I don’t care if you host it somewhere else. It’s the fact that you’re using my bandwidth for your personal gain and I’ve already had enough problems with my web host for it. Thank you, however, for admitting that you are one of those jerks who think the web is a free-for-all and all bandwidth should be free. Welcome to the real world. It’s not.

  5. omg that was the most pile of crap i have ever seen in my life.
    my favs the 2nd one(detailed)

  6. Nope whatever, but I *do* own this web host, and if you rip off my bandwidth, you are bound to get what you deserve — utter humiliation, which I suppose you just encountered because of your message. 😉

  7. ha ha ha all those were v. funny to see.and 5th and 4th won’t happen 4 ever. some one will catch in toilet fish.

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