2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking

  1. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen…. and by that statement, I mean that this picture is being identified as Human Trafficking. Having spent extensive time both living and working in Africa, this picture merely represents how people 1) get supplies from town, and 2) stock the goods in their little marts. While it may look ridiculous (I have even seen goats and camels tied to the top!) Mostly these are families, who have to pilgrimage on these big trucks up to a week to get into town, and then a week back out again…. just to get normal everyday living item. These trucks are also more economical to share a ride, and can handle the harsh reality that is Africas vast road system….

    take this off here…. absurd to identify it as such.

  2. This entire site is intended as a joke and everything here should be treated exactly like that.

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