Powerful: The Lines that Divide Us

Our words can hurt. Our words can scar. This video shows how powerful the word can be. In it, high school students share their pain when they’ve been humiliated because of who they are, the color of their skin, a visual impairment, and more. But at the end of the day, we’re all the same. Just take a look at this video and see if it blows you away as much as it did for me.

The Cat

This cat looks something like an unreal cat, perhaps mechanical, perhaps movie-like. Some say it looks just like the cat out of the Shrek movie. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d go with the whole Pixar cartoon thing, but I’ll give a verdict that it does look cute. Enjoy.

The Day Daddy Returned from the War

This video was shot on the day that a father from Iraq came to surprise his 6-year-old son in class. Look at the emotion on his face. It is very moving.

The Machine is Us: Web 2.0

This video is for us developers and web2.0 aficionados who understand how the world has changed as a result of blogs and social media.